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Have you ever taken a step back and really examined our technology these days? It is truly phenomenal. From high-speed Internet access, to GPS navigation systems, to cell phones the size of a pack of cigarettes, we’ve certainly got it all. And that’s not even the truth, because it will only get more and more advanced as years go by. Some of the more contemporary electronics that I like to take advantage of now days are mini microphones, surveillance equipment and vehicle tracking systems. Okay, stop right there. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not an international spy. Although the U.S. government did try and recruit me a few years back for some kind of hush-hush special ops missions involving the president’s safety, I regretfully had to decline. Anyway, if you’re not taking full advantage of today’s wonderful and exciting technology, then I must tell you that you’re sadly missing out. It’s time to get into the swing of the future, folks.


Additional Features

Remote reporting of vehicle diagnostics
Remote completion of work orders and other forms
Two-way messaging
Secure in-vehicle Wi-Fi acces



GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Quad band
Wide for voltage input range: 9-36vDC

GPS continuous positioning, GPRS timing interval
Check location via SMS

Built-in vibration sensor, theftproof
ACC ignition detection

Tele-cutoff (petrol/ electricity) function
Three SOS numbers in maximum

SOS alarm and burglar alarm
Voice monitor function

Alarm when the power supply is disconnected intentionally (with backup battery)
Compatible with external connection through (serial port

Geo-fence via sms command


Red LED (power/working status)